Mark Binnermark

TrueClays is by far the best shooting simulator I have used. It serves all types of shooters from beginners to competitive clay shooters. What sets this system apart is the immediate feedback which allows shooters to instantly examine every shot, learn from the feedback and apply the learnings to perfecting the shooting technique. I have used this system since 2019 with great development both in terms of technique and scores.

Junior Swedish Championship
2018: 1st
2019: 1st
2020: 3rd
2022: Swedish junior championship record 122/125

International Junior Competitions
Orimattila 2019: 8th
Nicosia 2020: 6th
Porpetto 2020: 6th

World cup
2023 Doha: 39th place (120/125) 

Swedish Championship
2023: 120/125, 5th place in finals.

Lisette Hederstedt

Started shooting clays April 2022

70K+ shots in TrueClays first year.

Olympic Skeet 
Cyprus GP 2023: 7th place.
Island Games 2023 Guernsey: 10th place.
Swedish Championship 2023: Silver medal.

English Sporting
Island Games 2023 Guernsey: 6th Place.