Minimum room requirements

We primary list the optimal requirements.
The requirements are adaptive since parameters like the shooters height affect in direct relationship what is needed.

If your room is outside the requirements please contact us for a consultation, we can in many cases solve it just by telling you the limitations.

For all discipline shooting, you need

  • Fairly smooth white or light grey wall
  • Best painted with roof paint (non-reflective)
  • Optimal very little light in the room
  • Wall WIDTH: 3.40-5.00m, 11.2-16ft
  • Wall HEIGHT: 2.40-3.00m, 8-10ft
  • Depth of the room: 3.00m, 10ft

You have the option of the optional TriPod projector mount (+ € 290) which you can stow away or a roof projector mount (included).

When choosing the roof projector mount the roof must be of such sort and height it's suited for a projector to be mounted.

The Tripod requires slightly more depth in the room.


There is an upcoming TrueClays Compact that require less space, It allows for shooting Trap and Helice ZZ only.
For TrueClays Compact no additional mount is needed.

The requirements for it then are:

  • WALL WIDTH: 2.60-2-80m, 8.5-9.2ft
  • WALL HEIGHT: 2.40-2.60m, 8-8.55ft, less if the shooter is short.
  • Depth of the room: 2.50m, 8.2ft