The special features takes the TrueClays simulator to the absolute next level. The main reason for this is to allow you to train to your full potential but keep it dynamic so you will have to adapt to the situation.


TrueClays simulate wind with gusting winds in a real life way, it pushes and pulls on the clay so it "jumps" up and down just as it does in real life. You can set direction and strength. When you shoot sporting the rabbit clays will actually be pushed to another path, and might bounce completely different due to the wind pushing them into other rough terrain.


TrueClays allows you to change the speed of the clay (release speed) to let you train on different setups, it even have a mode where you get an unknown (random) speed change for each throw within a +-0.4m/s limit. This is to force you to take better focus on the clay and creates a very good training tool. TrueClays even allows you to change drag and weight profile of the clay if you wish to finetune speeds over the duration of the flightpath.


TrueClays incorporates different backgrounds (Terrain), it's not only a nice visual feature it's a thought through way of train you to adapt and change focus on the clay, some backgrounds are "easy" some are very hard. Even the clouds can be turned on/off for the same reason. With these you can train to adapt quickly.


TrueClays allows you to set the sound type of the thrower, available is the most common brands. This allows you to get familiar with the sound of the thrower in the range you are about to shoot. TrueClays also have sound distractions from other ranges where you will in the background hear other shooters call for targets and shoot. The sequence will match that of a same type range as you are shooting, i.e. If you are shooting skeet you will hear singles and doubles from the next range. Sounds are optional.


TrueClays have a worn thrower mode which randomize a slight change in each throw direction, this is good to take static training out of the picture, forcing you again to take harder focus on the clay as the position will vary.


TrueClays measure the amount of which you hit the clay so you can focus on not only hitting it but hitting it as hard as possible. Tighter chokes give more force, just as in real life. As this is recorded for high score lists, it's an excellent tool to compete against friends, shooting 25 straights is not just enough, do it with as high force as possible. You can also as a training tool raise the level of force needed for a hit.


One of the main problems during a competition is distractions of various sorts, TrueClays have added some to help you stay calm from the time you call the clay until it appears. One thing is the fragments of clays that it sends from "next range" so you get visual distractions. Another feature is that tree's in the background will sway along with the wind, so you get visual distractions from them.