TrueClays are available in two editions - basic and pro. Look at our comparison chart for differences.

TrueClays comes as a complete hardware and software package, TrueClays systems are perfectly adapted to operate together. For instance it's not possible to switch the provided projector to another. This is a turnkey solution together with required components.

All versions include

Skeet - Multiple forms
Trap - Olympic, Nordic, ABT, Universal Trench, Double Trap
ATA Trap - Continental, Singles, Doubles, Wobble
DTL - Down The Line

Sporting - Multiple layouts
Helice ZZ


 Feature(s) Basic Pro
 Computer with keyboard and mouse  X  X
 Projector with ceiling mount bracket  X  X
 Numeric keypad  X  X
 Microphone  X  X
 Shot registration cameras  Yes, 1 pc  Yes, 1 pc
 Trigger box with laser  Yes, 1 pc  Yes, 1 pc
 Generic trigger button  Yes, 2 pc  Yes, 2 pc
 Shooter limit  Yes, max 3 shooters  Unlimited
 Additional backgrounds  X
 Distractions from nearby ranges
(audio and visual)
 Support for flash targets  X
 Simulate worn throwers  X
 Selectable sound on traps  X
 Ability to speed and weight on clay targets X
Ability to use optional Tracker which require PRO X
Randomize Wind X
Randomize Speed X
Customize Helice throwers (Release Speed, Angles  X

Optional products

Tracking module to observe barrel movement. This module utilises an additional camera with special filter and an extra laser module which is mounted in the barrel.

TriPod mount
Stand/conference assembly includes a high rack to which the projectors and cameras are attached with a special mount. The installation can be stowed away and still maintain calibration, in order to be able to set it back up and practice within 1-2 minutes.

Below is shown a sample setup using the optional conference mount