Changes 2020.9.10.1
	-	Fixed a bug in FITASC Sporting Layout 2
	-	Changed bounciness of the rabbit clays to more match reality.
	-	Changed bright background in FITASC a little bit.

Changes 2020.9.6.1
	-	Added Keyboard shortcut G for Configuration screen from every discipline and main screen.

Changes 2020.9.3.1
	-	Added white/gray wall to Skeet & Trap for better contrast of non Halo clays
	-	Added gray skeet houses (use hotkey C on keyboard)
	-	Fixed bug with Clay weight adjustment, now allowing -9 to 9 (grams) setting.

Changes 2020.9.1.1
	-	Added clay color as setting to get best experience /visuality, test what you like the best.
	-	Added Halo setting per shooter if you wish to override overall system setting.
	-	Fixed Swedish National Skeet shooting order mixup when shooting in a Squad
	-	Added light background on FITASC sporting (hotkey / on keypad)
	-	Added light background on Compac sporting
	-	Added a plain terrain with no trees on Compac sporting
	-	Added plain terrain in Beginners corner (hotkey / on keypad)
	-	Fixed bug with shooter name text on FITASC that was outside screen.
	-	Speeded up reload when retrying a clay (no shot was made)
	-	Fixed bug with Screen calibration could lock up.

Changes 2020.8.14.1
	-	Added Help button to Trap and ATA Trap disciplines
	-	Changed the Shot indicator "blobs" to have better visibility when using Clouds
	-	Added Skeet timer setting, ON/OFF and low and high
	-	Swedish national skeet now makes shooter reshoot first miss as it should.
	-	Minimum Force required to break a clay is reset to 400, this can be adjusted in settings.

Changes 2020.7.29.1
	-	A bug in Unity Engine on Linux causing the MIC OFF function on KeyPad not to work, use M on the main keyboard as alternative util Unity solves it.
	-	Added Quick Choke-set change from main screen to allow for faster change of chokes.
	-	Change the startup of the Camera Readers to be more stable.
	-	Added SkipFrame to the Camera reader as an option, More information on this later.
	-	Added Exposure setting to Camera Reader settings, allowing to tweak camera exposure.

Changes 2020.7.15.1
	-	Added minimum height for wind, underneath that level wind only blow with 25%, i.e. there is some cover.

Changes 2020.7.2.1
	-	Added changes from 2020.6.22.1 beta
	-	Helice ZZ is now released, suggested chokes are full to extra full.
	-	Helice ZZ has options under configuration to set Force required to break, initial velocity and how irratic flight pattern to use (default is 100 on that, change to try what you like)
	-	Helice has also option to weak release angles, Up, Down (degrees from horizon), and side to side angle to limit the spread.
	-	Introduced a bug in Rabbit clays in last BETA, now fixed.
	-	Fix: Using mininum force required now shows the clay do a little bump and then continue on it's path.

Changes 2020.6.22.1 (BETA)
	-	Added Delay between thrower sound and clay throw adjustment in Milliseconds (default 175), this is an important tool to adjust if you are a) shooting skeet and b) usually hear the throwers. 
		Then it will really help you train for different perceived speeds.
	-	Added flags to each discipline indicating wind force and direction.

	-	Added barrel length to the setup of the shooter, it affects both pellet cloud size and effective range.
	-	Added help button to the modules (skeet in this version)
	-	Changed some Camera settings to utilize higher resolution.

Changes 2020.5.9.1
	-	Added 3rd layout in FITASC sporting
	-	Added KEYBOARD shortcut T in all disciplines to at any time TEST CALIBRATION and RECALIBRATE if needed.
	-	Added FORCE total (F:) to the score list while shooting.
	-	Tweaked layout 2 in FITASC sporting.
Changes 2020.3.20.1
	-	Skeet training rounds and aborted rounds is now saved to statistics

Changes 2020.3.11.1
	-	Added Stand 3L and Stand 5H positions adjustment in configuration for reversed doubles in Skeet.

Changes 2020.3.6.1
	-	Re-wrote the tracking camera code, will get better framerate & resolution on tracker.
	-	Added Trap Squad Rotation setting, either Each Shot (default) or Every 5 shots, i.e. how often you change shooter in when shooting Trap in Squad.

Changes 2020.3.2.1
	-	Fixed a bug with ScreenWidth and Distance to screen causing Terrain/View to disappear.
	-	Added Stand4L (last in list) to be able to change position on stand for Skeet when shooting Low pair.
	-	Added new layout to FITASC sporting 

Changes 2020.2.24.1
	-	FITSCA Sporting is now live!
	-	Renamed Sporting -> Compak Sporting
	-	Fixed bug when using tracker in Squads.
	-	Added Colors to houses in Skeet, use C on keyboard to toggle.
	-	Added 2 more speeds to Skeet (faster speeds)

Changes 2020.2.21.1
	-	Tweaked colors of Ui to allow for higher contrast on the Projectors.
	-	Added shortcut S on regular keyboard for rotating different sun positions 
	-	Added shortcut F on regular keyboard for showing different level of FOG

Changes 2020.2.7.1
	-	Speeded up replay in the start a bit so you do not have to wait so long until first shot.
	-	Allowed Replay a bit earlier after shot than before.
	-	Improved precision
	-	Moved calibration points further out on the borders so you get better precision at edges

Changes 2020.2.3.1
	-	New graphical layout on TopList and scores after a round
	-	Fixed bug with it showing wrong cloudsize on the shot indicator if you missed the first shot.
	-	Added clay on the shotindicator display after a successful hit.
	-	Slight speed adjustment on Nordic Trap clay.
	-	Saving Terrain index (selected terrain) in each discipline.
	-	Added text showing which Chokes shooter using in the Start screen screen

Changes 2020.1.28.1
	-	Added Altitude and Temperature to Generic Setting for ballistic adjustment.
	-	Slight change to Camera Detection routine to gain one or two milliseconds in certain detections.
	-	Adjusted resolution adaptation of the system.
	-	Adjusted calibration "Green/Yellow/Red thresholds"

Changes 2020.1.22.3
	-	New ballistic data for all shots, way more accurate specially at large distances. Due to this the force at impact is less, If you wish to compete about topscore, there is a reset score which reset all to zero in Configuration/System.
	-	Slight change to viewing angle to better reflect real life.
	-	The length of the line in the Shotindictor after a hit now indicates the correct lead required.
	-	Gravity now affects shot correctly over very long distances.

Changes 2020.1.13.3
	-	Added ESCAPE key to all disciplines to abort a sequence quickly.
	-	On shooters, "View in list" auto-saves, no need to press APPLY if you are just selecting/deselecting a shooter.
	-	Fixed bug with unchecking all shooter from squad caused a hung system.
	-	Changed so dropdown's are generally larger to hold more items without scrolling.
	-	Slightly changed design of Calibration sequence.
	-	Added warning message if target is out of range for the used choke.
	-	Change the sound delay when shot sound is running, should much faster now.
	-	Added Trigger level to the Shot show window which gives an indicator how strong the laser pulse was picked up.

Changes 2020.1.8.1
	-	There is now a limit how soon you can press replay (it caused issues when pressed too early when clays still flying), Sequence must be completed before you can press +
	-	Tracker playback sometimes missed to show data, this is now fixed.
	-	Swedish national skeet had wrong rotation order when you were shooting in a Squad, this is now fixed.

Changes 2020.1.6.1
	-	Rotation of the clays toward the direction should now be smooth (was a bit jerky)
	-	Wind now correctly pushes down the clay when from behind at trap
	-	Fixed so Sporting Replay now correctly keeps track of score
	-	Sporting sometimes the clay fell through the ground without picking up as broken, now it will time out if that happens.
	-	Setup/Calibration now have one button for test calibration per shooter so you can select which one to test.

	-	ADDED: Beginners corner, for starting shooting clays you have the option of 4 simple clays you can repeat over and over.

Changes 2020.1.3.1
	-	Re-wrote all calibration routines to use double check for sub pixel accuracy.
	-	Aim calibration now warns if mechanical setup is off, you get GREEN, YELLOW or RED indicator
	-	Statistics system is re-written with new HTML statistics.
	-	Sporting now hides the buttons and text along with minimap when clay is active so it will not hinder you to shoot.
	-	Sporting Rabbit clays is now correctly affected by wind.
	-	System now supports 56 point calibration to work better with close rabbit clays, Do NOTE: changing to 56 points require re-calibration of the screen.
	-	ALL SHOOTER LENGTH should now be EYE height when in ready stance.
	-	Removed the loading time of Calibration data
	-	Removed the use for calibration cache files
	-	Calibration of the gun now is clearer and needs 3 shots and weight them so you get an average.

Changes 2019.12.24.1
	-	Merry Christmas
	-	Fixed numerous bugs in the Wind system.
	-	Added Double Trap
	-	Added an overall pellet cloud size adjustment option so you can lower the size of the cloud without changing chokes.

Changes 2019.12.12.1
	-	Adjusted (lowered) speed on Sporting for many clays so it will fit more people.
	-	Smaller bugfixes with recording and playback
	-	Added Universal Trench and DTL disciplines
	-	Adjusted Tracker resolution on Linux

Changes 2019.12.10.1
	-	Fixed various bugs with ATA Trap & Squadding
	-	Fixed ATA trap handicap distances
	-	Added random halo off setting which turns off the halo at a random 0-1m distance when clay is released to put up stress level at release.
	-	Added system setting LogLevel

Changes 2019.12.7.2
	-	Added another Sporting layout (normal clays, low type)

Changes 2019.12.7.1
	-	Fixed bugs in Playback and Recording system
	-	Adjusted when Sporting clays have run "complete" so they do not get stuck.
	-	Fixed bug that playback in Sporting sometimes affected scoring.
	-	Added so you can press playback before sequence is complete.

Changes 2019.12.6.2
	-	Just increment to force change version
Changes 2019.12.6.1
	-	Precision got even better, it's now more on a teoretical level since no shotgun can claim to be that acccurate anyway, But prepared for Rifle shooting 
	-	Added "ForceFactor" to chokes, so you get more force if you use a tighter choke, FULL gives 1.5 more force for same hit than Cylinder.
	-	Fixed a bug that made it show same cloud size on both hits regardless of choke size
	-	Fixed so replay pellet cloud correctly reflects size of the used choke.
	-	Fixed bug with Second hit count did not show in Olympic Trap.
	-	New reader versions to match new precision.
	-	Changed default Skeet background to "Wall" due to easier to see for new shooters
Changes 2019.12.4.1
	-	Reworked the scoring system to be more stable
	-	Upgraded Unity engine to 2019.2.14f

Changes 2019.12.01.1
	-	Created a new Sporting layout (Rabbit low)
	-	Added setting Dynamic Speed, with it, it will randomize each throw to be in a range of +-0.4ms faster/slower, 
		to prevent you from doing static movement in terms of speed and force you to look harder at the target.
	-- Fixes
	-	Fixed numerous bugs in Sporting 
		- (Minimap now re-appear efter a no-shot retry)
		- Reshoot should work fine
		- Rabbit Clays dissapeared before end of screen
	-	Fixed a bug with screen size adjustment going in the downward direction.
	-	Main Linux Support added (Ubuntu 18.04)
	-	Shotdetection cleanup
	-	Shotdetection mismatch with stored milliseconds potential bug fix.
Changes 2019.11.28.1
	-	Complete re-write of Configuration program, moving it into TrueClays native environment.

Changes 2019.11.24.2
	-	Made calibration of screen more robust, it will not loose it's settings,
	-	Screen calibration cache will check if cache is correct version, otherwise rebuild.

Changes 2019.11.24.1
	-	Updated Tracker module to have same precision as the shots

Changes 2019.11.23.2-3
	-	Adjusted last precision settings after calibration.

Changes 2019.11.23.1
	-	Calibration of screen process is remade, you now shoot 3 times per cross and it verify that all is good before continue, If one is bad you have to do 3 new ones.
	-	Olympic Trap microphone is now faster to release and more sensitive.
	-	Camera reader software update to get even better precision, improvment is directly noticible when you calibrate gun.
	-	Check gun calibration screen does no longer auto-close, use ESC or mouse to close it.
	-	Calibration of screen do create backups before starting and trying to restore if aborted, in either case a harddrive backup will be present in the TrueClays install directory.

Changes 2019.11.21.1

	-	Added this log
	-	Re-Shoot now works even if in Squad
	-	Re-Shoow is now working in ALL disciplines (same shortcut BACKSPACE in all disciplines, Manual is updated)
	-	Olympic Trap Squadding now starts on different stands

Changes 2019.11.20.2

	-	Adjusted & new backgrounds in Skeet
	-	New background in Sporting
	-	Added physics for clay induced lift at greater angles